University of California, Berkeley | Civil and Environmental Engineering

Jasenka Rakas, Ph.D.

Airport Design Studio

The Airport Design Studio at the University of California, Berkeley provides a diverse group of researchers, students, and faculty with a unique facility dedicated to accommodating research in contemporary design, planning and management for airport and aviation systems in support of the US National Airspace System (NAS) transformation into the Next Generation Air Transportation System.  The Studio encompasses multidisciplinary fields, such as civil and environmental engineering, air transportation engineering, architecture, art, systems engineering, urban planning, aeronautics, mechanical engineering, operations research, computer science, economics, business, and finance. The Airport Design Studio is associated with the Airport Design Course (CE153) -- a capstone design class in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department.  The Studio is also affiliated with the Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation. Students from CE153 and others conduct introductory and advanced research through the Studio.

Access to the Airport Design Studio is provided through course enrollment, academic research activities, internships, scholarships, and industry-partnerships.   Dr. Jasenka Rakas is the founder of the Airport Design Studio.